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This day is the beginning of your new life

Each event, like each person, is different and unique, that’s why we have so many different ways to help you create your vision of your wedding.

The Full Package-

This is the package for the couple that wants someone to handle everything. We shop venues, assist in contract negotiations, and work with you to create a budget. (Then help you stick with it!) We assist you with your special theme, or just a color pallet that reflects your tastes. We ease the stress of finding the vendors that can create the fantastic flowers and delectable food that you both can be ecstatic about! We also aid you in staying on top of everything, by working with you and your new partner on a timeline specially created for you.

We are present at your rehearsal, working with your minister to create your ceremony of your dreams. On day of your wedding, we are there, to make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Knowing that this is one of the most important days of your lives, we do everything possible to create a day for you to remember.


Day of/Month of-

You did all the hard work, but want to relax the day of your wedding. We meet a month prior to get the particulars of your extraordinary day. We get in communication with your venue, and other vendors and work with them to have each detail flow into the next, seamlessly and effortlessly. The day of your wedding we are there first with a big smile, and are the very last to leave, still smiling!


DIY Coaching-

You love to let that inner planning diva out! You know what to do; you just need some coaching to create that vision in your head. We create a custom time line for you to keep on top of those little details, and not to feel so over whelmed. We coach you in event design, color pallets, and budget management.


 Due to the care and consideration we give each and everyone of our clients we can only take so many weddings or special events each year. We base our pricing on the details needed for your event, along with an estimate of time needed to make this a one of a kind event for you.

Our base prices start at $ 250 for DIY coaching, $500 for day of the event, and for full event planning we start at $2495.

We do provide a free one hour consultation, with in 30 minutes of Denver. For more information or to book your free consultation, please fill out the contact form.